Dynamic dock

Dynamic Dock
You don't want to waste your time, but you love testing new applications from Android market.
Don't waste one minute more, thanks to Dynamic dock, Run, Test, Delete . . . Run, Test, you love it so keep it safe !
Always keep on your screen your last installed applications and those you're fond of.

Actions Without Dynamic Dock With Dynamic Dock
Find and run the last downloaded application 7 seconds 1 second
Uninstall the last downloaded application 20 seconds 3 seconds

Yes it's far faster and further more far less boring !

If you are in a rush, skip following instructions, and just watch videos :) During the first installation, Dynamic Dock will browse all applications on your android phone. This step is done just once. A little glass shelf appears on your phone desktop. It contains the last 3 applications you've installed.
If you download a new application from the market, it will automatically appear in the center of the shelf. No more need to search it in the large applications list
One touch on its icon will run it. But if you touch the shel itself, trash icons will appear for a few seconds on each application icon. During this period, a touch on an icon will launch the uninstall process for this application.

For short :Touch application icon to run it, one touch on the shelf following by one touch on the application you want to uninstall.

When touching the shelf, a little star appear on it. Touch it to launch dynamic dock extended mode.
Help is available through menu key of your android phone.
Extended mode show you 4 tabs :

1) Installed applications list sorted by the most recent one (The first 3 are on the dock). Touching one application from the list launch the uninstall process. If you want to keep an application and don't want it to appear on the shelf anymore, just make a long touch on it. This will move it to the safe (4th tab)

2) System applications list, those bundle with your phone (most of them from google). They can't be uninstalled, but just launched on one touch. They can also be moved to your safe

3) Installed applications list sorted by the fatest first in order to see those eating your phone memory.

4) Applications in the safe can rated to become favorite by simply touching it (star switched on). A long touch on it allow you to either run the application or remove it from the safe.

But why the hell I'll do such a thing ?
To understand, you'll have to install a second dynamic dock widget on your desktop. But this time, choose favorite dock as configurtion screen's popups (remember : you don't have to browse application again).
A new shelf appears with a star on it. This is to remind you that icons are the first 3 favorite applications. Just one touch to run them. One touch on the star will open the extend mode on the safe tab.